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We stock uniforms for almost any sport. If you can't find the uniform on the webpages then it's worth asking about the possibility of getting them in. We design and manufacture uniforms for e.g. volleyball, basketball, orienteering, skiing and underwater rugby. Together with competitors and enthusiasts of the aforementioned sports we have developed quality materials which are professional for both professional and amateur athletes. The fits are made to suit different sports as well as possible. The uniforms are manufactured using the sublimation method which means individual uniforms.

Our range also includes several ready-made uniforms and we represent e.g. the following brands: Stanno, Printmark, Matterhorn, Tranemo Workwear, Atlantis, Sol's. More alternatives for different sports, a large range of T-shirts, work uniforms, baseball caps, team jackets etc can be found there. We can print different advertisements, logos and numbers on the uniforms using flex printing or we can embroider them with our own machines.



Underwater rugby