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River House Oy / Fibe is a family-company located in Veteli which manufactures sport and leisure wear. Our company was founded in 1993.

We offer customers - whether sports clubs, companies or individuals - game uniforms and outfits and equipment for free time. Mostly all our products are manufactured from Finnish fabrics and we dye them using sublimation technology. With the help of sublimation technology we are able to meet individual customer demands as well as to incorporate the advertisement and logo printing into the dyeing of the fabric. In this way, advertisers do not have to worry about the durability of the advertisement.

At the request of our customers we have also aimed to offer ready-made outfits on which we print using flex printing and embroidery. We offer printing services for the customer's own outfits, too.

We aim to be flexible in our service and listen to the customer's wishes. Joint orders and orders from large clubs are often projects that take time for the customer, so our task is to make it as easy as possible!